[New Product] Official Launch of MWD-610 Series
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MWD-610 Series is a new series of Microwave digestion system. Different from the previous model MWD-500/520/600,

MWD-610 series was newly designed and fully upgraded with higher performance and safer protection system.
The smart design and perfect performance make it warmly welcomed by users worldwide.



Optional vessel quantity, up to 12 vessels to meet different digestion requirements.

 Vertical design for even distribution of microwave.

Real-time monitoring for both temperature and pressure of each vessel.
 Contactless sensor monitoring with no burst disk design saves consumables cost and maintenance cost. 
 Imported vessel material for both sample vessel and protection vessel highly ensures safety.

7 inch color Touch screen with user-friendly interface for easy operation. 
 Imported CFRP outer shell material with high strength ensures impact resistance.

 Pre-installed general standard methods, users can also create, save, modify and delete his own methods.

 316L industrial stainless steel tank with multilayer teflon coating avoids acid corrosion, also improved cooling efficiency.

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