Spring Outing to Mount Huang
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In late May, when spring was blossoming, Metash organized a three-day trip to Mount Huang (Yellow Mountain). It was a precious opportunity for us to get together after work, play, chat, laugh and get to know each other better.


On the first day we visited Hong village, a residential complex in Huizhou during the Ming, Qing and the period of the Republic of China. We appreciated the layout of the residential and private gardens of that time, and how much education was valued by our predecessors. The ancient building perfectly integrates green plants and water system, which makes people feel relaxed and happy being there. We loafed and chatted in it, having a really chilled time.



The next day is the main event, climbing Mount Huang. Mount Huang, one of the ten most famous mountains in China, is the first and most amazing mountain in the world. We spent most of the day going up and down the mountain. Although the fog on the mountain prevented us from enjoying the magnificence of standing at the top and looking down on the mountains, we enjoyed the journey up and down. And I saw some beautiful views on the way down.




The last day was more pleasant, we took a boat tour on Xinan River. Along the river there are loquat trees on both sides. We all enjoyed those green mountains, clean water and fresh air. And we also visited a thousand years old camphor tree, its huge! Although it was raining, it didn't affect us too much.

It was a pleasant trip, and it has bought us closer together.





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