Highlights at Analtytica Munich 2024
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Analytica Munich Exhibition is one of the top events in the global analytical, laboratory technology and biotechnology fields.It attracts manufacturers, scientific experts and laboratory researchers from all over the world to discuss cutting-edge technologies and industry trends.



At this exhibition, Metash Instrument shows a variety of models of UV Vis Spectrophotometers, Total Organic Carbon analyzers, Centrifuges and Closed Intelligent Microwave Digestion Systems. Products are all with advanced manufacturing technologies and high-precision components to ensure the stability, accuracy, repeatability, reliability and safety during long-term operation.


It is worth mentioning that Metash combines a sense of technology and aesthetics in their appearance design, allowing each product tto showcase the charm of its field and  they were highly praised by the visitors and other exhibitors. In addition, the company has optimized and upgraded its products to meet the needs of the foreign market, making them more in line with international standards and user needs.



At the exhibition, Metash booth was crowded with visitors from different countries who stopped by to inquire and exchange information, showing great interest in new products.


Metash Instruments, as an outstanding representative of China's analytical instrument manufacturing industry, has always been committed to driving innovation in the industry. We adhere to the principle of meeting customer needs, focusing on technological innovation and product development and continuously launching high-quality products that meet market needs. Participating in Analytica Munich is an important step for Metash to expand the international market further.


Our next exhibition



10-14, June, 2024

Frankfurt, Germany


Shanghai Metash Instruments Co., Ltd.

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