Q6 Dual Beam UV Visible Spectrophotometer
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On December 28, 2021, the online release ceremony of the dual-beam UV spectrophotometer enterprise standard "Leader" and the single-indicator ranking list jointly initiated by the State Administration for Market Regulation and other eight departments and organized by the Instrument Information Network was officially held.

The guests of this event are Qiu Yueming, the former vice president of China National Institute of Standardization, Yao Hejun, the president of Beijing Institute of Metrology and Testing, Li Changhou, the professor of Shanghai Bioengineering Research Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Xing Xingang, the general manager of Shanghai Metash Instrument Co., Ltd. and three peer vice presidents, engineers.


During the event, Xing Xingang delivered a speech. In his speech, he first affirmed the importance of this competition to the development of the scientific instrument industry. After years of development and precipitation, domestic instruments have achieved very good results, and they are not inferior to imported instruments. However, there is still a "cognitive bias" towards domestic instruments in China. In some cases, there is a lack of a fair and notarial attitude to judge domestic instruments. These are the embarrassing situations that domestic instruments face in the development process. Based on this, it is hoped that selection activities such as "Leader" can expand the selection scope of instrument types, which can not only drive healthy competition among participating enterprises, but also allow more people to recognize truly excellent domestic instruments.


This event has gone through the steps of the manufacturer's declaration of public corporate standards, the formulation of evaluation plans, and expert review. The results of the list have been publicly verified by the government platform to ensure that the results are open, just and fair. The list of results of the activity was announced.


Q-6 dual-beam UV Vis spectrophotometer from Shanghai Metash Instrument Co., Ltd. was shortlisted for all single-indicator rankings. The five indicators are photometric accuracy, stray light, wavelength accuracy, noise and spectral bandwidth.

Q-6 spectrophotometer selects high-quality components, starts from the R&D concepts of practicability, versatility, stability, flexibility and other aspects, and is ingeniously built to reduce background interference, avoid system errors, improve resolution, and reshape high-end UV Visible spectrophotometer.



Thanks for the affirmation at this event, Metash will not forget the original intention and forge ahead, together with outstanding peers, shoulder the banner of "high-end domestic instruments", continue to innovate, and continuously improve service quality, for the Contribute to the national scientific instrument industry!



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