Metash Highlights at Analytica China 2023
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Booth Design

Eye-catching display boards, attractive logo and high quality exhibits demonstrate the strength and brand value of METASH.




The product range covers the fields of environment/ food safety/ pharmaceutical/ health food/ cosmetics/ tobacco/ biological samples. 

Whether it is high-precision laboratory instruments or portable interactive devices, METASH has demonstrated superior technology and innovation.


And it is the first show of the new product--Automatic solid phase extraction system, which has attracted extensive attention from industry experts and media. As a practical pre-treatment instrument, the automatic solid phase extraction system can efficiently and quickly separate the target compounds of complex samples, which greatly improves the analysis efficiency, accuracy and ease of operation. It has a wide range of applications in food safety, pharmaceutical industry, environmental monitoring and other fields.


Customers’ feedback

The audience has expressed a strong interest in these products, and conducted in-depth exchanges and consultations with us. 

During the exhibition, we also organized a series of professional lectures and demonstration activities, providing the audience with the opportunity to communicate and learn from experts face to face.


Sharing and Prospects

Top sales managers and director gave an in-depth interpretation of industry development trends and technological innovation, and shared their own experience and insights. These activities further enhance the company's reputation and influence in the industry.






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